Widow Jane Aged 10 Years in New American Oak Barrels

Bourbon - 750ML
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Spirit Type Whiskey
Spirit Style Bourbon
Countries USA
Region New York
Size 750ML

On the nose has the classic bourbon traits waft to the forefront including corn, oak, barrel char, and vanilla. Beneath lay slight hints of apple and raisins. As can be expected for a 91 proof bourbon, there is no ethanol present at all. Sans the flavors themselves being slightly muted, overall the nose is everything you would want out of a classic style bourbon. While the palate starts surprisingly sweet with corn and vanilla mixed with light orange and cherry. There is a surprising dose of heat comprised of rye spice and pepper which commingle nicely with the flavors. For a 10 year old bourbon the lack of oak in the palate is surprising. A really pleasant sip. The finish heats to flares up but quickly subsides. What remains is a very weird mix of flavors. A dose of pepper is present along with a strange astringent taste that tickles the back of my throat. This is further mixed with a soap-like oaky flavor profile. This lingers for a while, and unfortunately ends this bourbon on a sour note. To be sure it wasn’t my glass, I tried out a different glencairn that I cleaned thoroughly with water, and had the same result.