Clear Creek Distillery Pear Eau de Vie de Poire [Pear in Bottle]

Pear - 750ML
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Spirit Type Brandy
Spirit Style Pear
Countries USA
Region Oregon
Size 750ML

Yes, we do indeed grow the pears in the bottles! Soon after the petals have fallen off of the developing pear buds, we very carefully slip bottles over the little pears, tying the bottles to the branches above. The pears happily grow in the bottles, until they’re big enough to harvest in July or August. The bottles of pears are then immediately brought to the distillery, where they are cleaned by hand and filled with our clear Pear Brandy. The result is a full grown, lovely Bartlett Pear grown in the bottle, surrounded by its spirit. In France they call it “Poire Prisonniere”, or imprisoned pear. We call it Pear-in-the-Bottle Pear Brandy.